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It’s a great challenge and responsibility to breed healthy, intelligent, well-tempered Rottweilers to meet Breed Standards. –  But we love it!


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About us

Our love for rottweilers was born early on.

In addition to everyday work and our family, we are busy every day with our rottis. Our first dog Lola was a very enthusiastic and energetic dog, however, she did not have the talent for shows.

We started looking for a rottweiler that we could show and also breed with. We found our Myla in 2013. A great dog with character. Myla has won many awards and is the matriarch of our kennel. In 2022 we unfortunately had to let her go, but she left us great offspring.

We regularly have puppies from well-considered combinations. We pay attention to a fine character in combination with the original characteristics of a rottweiler.

We attach great importance to good guidance from day one and our puppies therefore grow up in a domestic environment where we work with the whole family on a good socialization.

Latest breed and dog-pairs


Male: Multi Ch. Chelectro Bux od Vadanora
Female: Gigi van de Lenterotts


Male: Gucci von Hause Pista
Female: May vom Hause Edelstein


Male: Gucci von Hause Pista
Female: Nola vom Hause Edelstein


Male: Gallardo vom Hause Edelstein
Female: May vom Hause Edelstein


Male: Python vom Hause Edelstein
Female: Amy van de Lenterotts

Impressions of our dogs & bloodlines

Gari vom Hause Edelstein
Dre van de Lenterotts
Dre van de Lenterotts
Bibi van de Lenterotts
Primo vom Hause Edelstein
Enimem vom Haue Edelstein
Gallardo vom Hause Edelstein



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